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Other Sites

There are many archaeological sites around the Bhaltos Peninsula that don't fit into this neat chronological sequence, because we are unable to date them. One that is worth visiting is the settlement up by Loch Trialabhat (see map), in the hills at the centre of the peninsula. On the eastern shore of the loch are the tumbled ruins of small stone and turf buildings, which might be mediaeval, or might be earlier.

There is also a small settlement on the eastern shore of the peninsula, behind Reef. If you walk south around the coast from Traigh Theinis, you will come to an area where the grass is greener, and there has been cultivation, as shown by raised ridges of soil. Nearby are low-lying, round turf ridges that are all that remain of buildings that were probably originally of turf and stone. This site has a local reputation for being haunted, and has been known as a 'sidhean', or a place where the little people lived (see map).

It is also sometimes possible, depending upon the tide and wind conditions, to see the remains of wrecks around the coast. The best known of these is the wreck of the Esra (see map), a 3 masted sailing ship which ran aground at Clibhe in 1898, and which is intermittently visible when the sand shifts. It could last be seen in 2000.

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