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The Presence of the Past

The history of the peninsula is written on its landscape, and the traditional respect for the remains of the past means that there are many archaeological sites to visit and view, some spectacular, others more every-day, and not just from relatively recent years. You are welcome to wander over the landscape, to explore and enjoy the sites, making sure that you leave gates as you found them, and do not drop rubbish.

We ask that you show the same respect for the past, and do not disturb the sites in any way – don't move stones, dig into the soil or sand, or take away anything, be it as little as a bone or a piece of pottery. Please report any loose objects that you may notice to the local museum (see next page), or to the Regional Archaeologist, who is based at the museum in Stornoway. Local volunteers and archaeologists monitor the condition of the sites, and we try to manage the land to preserve the archaeological remains for generations to come.