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Development Projects

Silhouette of An SuileachanObjectives are to:

  • Retain any income generated within local community
  • Improve the social and economic environment
  • Increase community confidence and provide a climate in which other ventures by individuals or groups are more likely to succeed.
  • Give people control over their own destiny rather than being subject to the whims of landowners.
  • Exercise control over developments within the community.
  • Have input into policies on absentee crofters, vacant crofts.
  • Improve the estate management for the benefit of the local community and visitors.
  • Improve co-operation among local crofters and grazings committees in development schemes.
  • Increase co-operation with agenciews such as SNH in the promotion of initiatives that will be of mutual benefit.

Challenges to be faced:

  • De-population
  • Ageing population
  • Loss of volunteer support
  • Possible dissent between grazing committees